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So I accidentally tipped WAY TOO MUCH rosemary into the first stage of a recipe that called for thyme, and the result was amazing.

This recipe is: vegetarian, gluten-free
This recipe could be: vegan, dairy-free if you leave out the cheese (and I've been eating it cheeseless as leftovers: the pumpkin makes it creamy and delicious enough that you don't miss the cheese)

This recipe requires: faffing about with both pans and oven trays. Time. Not too much brain, IMHO, but I'm a weirdo who cooks risotto on auto-pilot

1 small pumpkin/squash thing. I had a potimarron, which I've never seen outside of Europe. Half a butternut should do it. A wedge of jap pumpkin*, possibly, but I don't like the texture of them so much.
200 grams arborio rice, or thereabouts
750 ml stock, or thereabouts (vegetable or chicken. Beef would be weird)
Generous amounts of olive oil
More dried rosemary than you think you need. More than 1 tsp. Less than 1.5 tablespoons, that left too much in the pan.
1 onion
4 cloves garlic
2 blocks frozen spinach
Parmesan cheese or similar, grated to serve

* This is the painfully racist name for the most common type of large pumpkin in Australia. It has green skin. Sometimes called, by those wishing to avoid painful racism, jack pumpkins, but not in fact the things you make jack-o-lanterns out of.

1. Skin, deseed, and dice your gourd. This stage will have you swearing and regretting your life choices. Reduce your edible bits of gourd to pieces no bigger than half an inch.
2. Toss squash in a baking tray with rosemary and oil. Roast for 30-40 minutes or until cooked and browning at the edges of the smaller bits.
3. Meanwhile, dice the onion and garlic. Sautee in oil for a few minutes. Add rice and stir to coat.
4. Begin adding stock in amounts of about 150ml at a time. Keep doing this for 30-45 minutes, until rice is fluffy and sticky.
5. Tip in the squash, rosemary-squash-oil, and the couple of blocks of frozen spinach. Stir through until spinach is defrosted. Some of the squash will go smushy and mix with the risotto, but leave some chunks.
6. Serve with cheese. Nom.

Adapted from a recipe in Jack Monroe's 'A Year in 120 Recipes'.
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