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Adapted, with what I call success, from Anna Jones' A Modern Way To Eat:

Dietary and accessibility notes )

What you need and what you do with it )

This makes about 5 servings. It's sort of like vegetarian harira, which means I'm going to be disappointed in the way the frozen portions turn out, I suspect.
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Adapted from In the Kitchen, by Melbourne food critics Alan Campion and Michelle Curtis. The book's definitely worth the investment: I've only had it for a couple of months and it's become the Everything Cookbook in the household.

Accessibility and dietary notes. Also, equipment )

Ingredients and method )
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I'm moving in a couple weeks so I'm trying to get rid of a lot of my staples, and summer vegetables are out in full force here in New England. This is another great way to use whatever's on hand and sounds good to you!

Recipe behind the cut. )
Serves 4-5 as a main dish, probably significantly more if you use it as a side.
Also, just a note: I served this hot, but I'd put money on it being just as good if not better cold. (In fact, I'm planning on having the leftovers cold tomorrow.)

Edit: forgot the bean sprouts in the original recipe. Whoops! Added now.

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Let me know if you ever get tired of my dinnerblogging, because we are unlikely to stop making yummy dinners and wanting to share. *)

Recipes are once again from Cook's Illustrated, and once again they use a Dutch oven and a large stainless steel skillet. I think it's been a while since I mentioned that these three things are the three best investments you can make in your kitchen if you eat meat. They are my culinary OT3. Subscription to Cook's online is cheap, especially given how much money we've saved by making their recipes in bulk. Lodge Logic cast iron Dutch ovens can be bought through Amazon for astoundingly low prices and free shipping (which is important with cast iron). Research brand-name stainless steel skillets and then check for them on eBay or Google Products. Trust me, if you like the sounds of the recipes I post, you will not regret these purchases.

Moroccan chicken with couscous pilaf )

Oh, and the subject line is from this page of Moroccan proverbs. I have no idea what it means.

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