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I got this idea from a Gwyneth Paltrow cookbook, and while I doubt my Publix pita bread would meet with her approval, it's a really good idea. I can think of all sorts of modifications. Next time if I feel like getting fancy, I may try adding some shredded chicken and spinach.

Pita Pizza

This is wonderfully low-spoon. You'll need to be able to do some light chopping, and keep a close eye on the pizza while it's in the oven, but that's about it.

Cutting board
Sharp knife
Oven, toaster or otherwise
Spatula (to remove the pizza from the oven)

Pita bread, 1 piece per person
Olive oil, enough for drizzling
Tomatoes, diced, about 1/4 cup per person
Mozzarella cheese, fresh or pre-shredded, about 1/4 cup per person
Fresh basil (optional)
Crushed red pepper (optional)
Sea salt (optional)

Things you need to do to make food happen
1. If using a convention oven, pre-heat to 400F.

2. Dice up your tomatoes. Try to get some of the seeds and water out if you can. (The more seeds left, the more watery your pizza will be. Decide how much you care about the bread being a bit soggy and proceed accordingly.) If using fresh mozzarella, slice it into thin (approx. 1/4") slices. Rough chop the basil.

3. Drizzle a small amount of olive oil onto your pita bread. Top with tomatoes and cheese. Slide into the oven. (If using a toaster oven, set it to toast or broil.)

4. Cook until the cheese gets all melty, probably about 5-10 minutes, then remove the pizza and garnish with the fresh basil. I like to slide it back under the heat for a few minutes to slightly wilt the basil, but this is optional.

5. If desired, sprinkle with crushed red pepper and sea salt.

6. Nom.


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