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A new deli has opened in my neighbourhood recently, and a couple of weeks ago I stopped in to check it out. As soon as I ordered my vegetable sandwich, the owner had me pegged as a vegetarian, and she spent the rest of my wait for my sandwich explaining the vegetarian options she already offered, and asking me for my suggestions. She tried to induce me to try some roasted red pepper-smoked gouda soup, but my takeout preferences run to things I can't make nearly as well myself (like amazing delicious sandwiches on massive sesame-challah buns) and soup doesn't fit that category. However, having determined that roasted red pepper-smoked gouda soup is a thing, I decided to make some.

I used this recipe as a guideline, and came out with some pretty delicious soup. If the prospect of grating up a bunch of fancy cheese and melting it into a pot of pureed veggies sounds like something you'd enjoy, this is definitely a soup for you.

Dietary note: This is largely vegetarian, depending on your tolerance for cheese that may use animal rennet. If you only eat rennet-free cheese and rennet-free smoked gouda is something you can get your hands on, not a problem. If not, I'm afraid the cheese is what makes this soup (although you might be able to get something similar in taste with a combination of liquid smoke and some kind of sharp white vegetarian cheese).

Accessibility note: This is a pretty easy soup chopping-wise; it's pureed, so no need to be finicky about chopping the veggies. It does require an immersion blender (or at least some kind of blender) and opening some jars, though.

Smoked Gouda, Roasted Pepper, and Tomato Soup )
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I made a very yummy dinner tonight that was so ridiculously easy I feel guilty about posting it here, but here we go anyway.

Baked chicken & roasted baby potatoes. more info under here )

Easiest meal I've ever made. And so delicious.
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Courtesy of the Family Circle Kids' Cookbook lo these many moons ago:

150 grams of chocolate (usually dark), chopped
400 grams condensed milk
100 grams white marshmallows, diced into small bits

Microwave the chocolate for 1 min on medium & stir. Add condensed milk. Zap for another minute & stir. Add marshmallows. Continue zapping & stirring until it's all smooth.

Now, recipe says to serve hot or cold on ice-cream. I usually (read: at parties in my teens) serve with marshmallows and fruit, as a fondue or dipping sauce.
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In the winter - which is rapidly approaching here in Aus - I love risotto, but I don't love standing at the stove for half an hour to make it. Enter my adaptation of Dabbling In The Delicious's Forget the Stove Risotto.

Deliciousness herein! )
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The holiday season may be over, but cranberries are still in season in the Northern Hemisphere. This relish is amazing served on bread, bagels, or toast, or mixed with yogurt or cottage cheese, or eaten with a spoon.

1 orange, unpeeled, washed, seeded, and cut into small chunks (at least eighths)
1 large Bosc pear (the riper the better), unpeeled, cored, and cut into small chunks (again, at least eighths)
2.5 cups (10 oz) fresh or defrosted cranberries
0.5 cup sugar
0.5 cup walnuts, if you are a nuts sort of person. If not, feel free to leave them out; it's delicious either way.

Combine in food processor and blend until coarsely chopped. Don't stress if you overblend, though, it stays tasty as a puree. In extremity you CAN make this by hand. It just takes an incredibly long time to chop everything. Theoretically this can be frozen, but no one in my family has been able to test this hypothesis, as we're too busy eating it at every meal until it's gone.
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OK, we're coming up to summer and smoothie season, right? (Right? *glares at the snow falling outside*)

So, here's my favourite smoothie recipe.

Chocolate pecan banana strawberry smoothie )
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I saw this recipe the other day, and while I'm not about to start baking, I did have red grapes and rosemary languishing in my refrigerator. So I bought some readymade focaccia.

read on )
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This recipe was one of those "what can I make for supper with what's left in the pantry?" sorts of things, but it was easy and came out really tasty, so I'm sharing. It should be relatively easy to adapt for the carnivorous (I'm not) by substituting real sausage for the Tofurky sausage and chicken stock for the veggie stock. :) This makes two big bowls' worth, so scale up as needed.

The recipe! )
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Poll #2535 Tatertot Hot Dish
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Do you know what tatertot hot dish is?

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Yes, of course
24 (38.1%)

No idea what you're talking about, crazycakes
39 (61.9%)

What goes into your tatertot hot dish?

View Answers

hamburger (cooked)
18 (75.0%)

hamburger (raw)
1 (4.2%)

9 (37.5%)

green items (peas, green beans)
12 (50.0%)

cream of mushroom/chicken/broccoli
20 (83.3%)

15 (62.5%)

tatertots (arranged properly)
17 (70.8%)

tatertots (just dumped on)
8 (33.3%)

milk/other liquid poured over top
8 (33.3%)

6 (25.0%)

What else goes into your tatertot hot dish?

recipe under here )

This is comfort food of the highest order.

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Okay, did everyone know about this apart from me?

Take one egg and some quick-cook polenta. Beat the egg in a bowl, and pour the polenta on a plate. Dip the mackerel in the egg, roll it in the polenta to coat it, and pan-fry.

Get delicious crispy crunchy coating.

Served with fennel and kohl-rabi, sliced into sticks and thrown into the pan for 30 seconds after the fish was done.

(P.S. Thanks to everyone who answered my cry for osso bucco help!)
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... or so a cookbook once told me.

Lamb's hearts are usually ridiculously cheap, if you can find them at all; I recommend keeping an eye out at farmers' markets, which is where I bought some today.

I cut them into half-inch slices and sauteed them quickly (just a few minutes on each side) in garlic-infused olive oil with lots of fresh rosemary.

And they were very tasty (a bit like lamb chops, but with a slightly more offal-y taste).

For those of you who prefer to keep your hearts intact, they form neat little pockets for stuffing and can then be roasted. I've always felt that they'd make an interesting Valentine's Day dinner ...
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*waves* Hi, this is my first post here!

I made this as a snack today somewhat impulsively and it came out quite good (to my surprise), so I thought I'd share.

recipe! )

Posted to my journal ([personal profile] fish_echo) and [community profile] omnomnom
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Let me make one thing totally clear: this is starchy, mid-century comfort food, so if that's not your scene, you will probably hate this recipe. It's not so much a pie as a moist, dense, cheese-flavored pancake baked in a pie tin. (Mmmm, are you salivating yet? I am!)

Grilled Cheese Pie )

You could tart this up any number of ways: herbs or spices, bits of sauteed onion, sharp cheddar, or what-have-you. I have done none of those things, because you just don't mess with the doughy, delicious perfection of childhood nostalgia! But if your mom didn't bake this for you on snow days in elementary school, you might feel more free to experiment *g*.
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I just saw this on my Facebook flist, tried it, and found it marvelous, not to mention dead simple.

a brownie in less than 5 minutes )
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Serves 4

100g chorizo
2 red onions
390g chopped tomatoes
120g conchigliette (soup pasta)
2tbsp olive oil
1 vegetable stock cube
Salt and pepper
Crusty white bread

Recipe )

No photos I'm afraid - it was eaten far too fast!
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This is a summer staple in my family. When the tomatoes are in season and we have basil growing on the windowsills, we eat it at least once a week.

Instructions and a picture under the cut )
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It feels like summer here in the Southern US and other parts of the Northern Hemisphere, so that means it's ice cream time! My mother has a 2qt Cuisinart ice cream maker which she kindly allows me to use, and I love the thing. It makes delicious, smooth homemade ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, frozen custard , etc., usually in under an hour. Sometimes in under half an hour. Great investment if you like the frozen desserts.

Past experiments have included a dairy-free dark chocolate pomegranate sorbet and a butter-pecan frozen custard that was almost too rich to eat. It not only stood on its own, it pulled out a buttery switchblade and threatened other flavors to back off. It was still delicious, though, and making the butter pecans was fun (I might re-do that recipe this year to make it a little lower-fat. I'll try and post that if I get around to it.)

Today, though, I was trying to make something to please my parents, since it was their kitchen I was sabotaging (and did I ever). I settled on something with chocolate and coffee, since they're both coffee fans. I also had to do a bit of improvising with ingredients, but it was super-easy and turned out well.

Recipe under here... )
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Let me know if you ever get tired of my dinnerblogging, because we are unlikely to stop making yummy dinners and wanting to share. *)

Recipes are once again from Cook's Illustrated, and once again they use a Dutch oven and a large stainless steel skillet. I think it's been a while since I mentioned that these three things are the three best investments you can make in your kitchen if you eat meat. They are my culinary OT3. Subscription to Cook's online is cheap, especially given how much money we've saved by making their recipes in bulk. Lodge Logic cast iron Dutch ovens can be bought through Amazon for astoundingly low prices and free shipping (which is important with cast iron). Research brand-name stainless steel skillets and then check for them on eBay or Google Products. Trust me, if you like the sounds of the recipes I post, you will not regret these purchases.

Moroccan chicken with couscous pilaf )

Oh, and the subject line is from this page of Moroccan proverbs. I have no idea what it means.

(crossposted to my journal as usual)
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I'm sure I'm not the only person who spent Sunday morning baking for Mother's Day... I wanted to make something savoury initially, but relented with a cake recipe as it involved the fewest ingredients that weren't already in the pantry.  They were absolutely delicious*!  While the cornflour I used was wheat-based, this could easily be made as a gluten free recipe by using pure corn cornflour. 

Mini Ricotta Cakes )


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