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I made a very yummy dinner tonight that was so ridiculously easy I feel guilty about posting it here, but here we go anyway.

Baked chicken & roasted baby potatoes. more info under here )

Easiest meal I've ever made. And so delicious.
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This is my go-to winter soup recipe and my go-to vegetable soup recipe. It's the product of a slow evolution from this recipe in the March 2009 issue of Canadian Living: Hearty Vegetable Soup, which I've gradually modified to my liking. It's a pretty flexible recipe, actually, built on a foundation of tomato, onion, garlic, cumin, cinnamon, and oregano. Feel free to use the root vegetables and legumes of your choice! Likewise, it can be scaled up or down. I usually make it in my 10-litre soup pot, which the full recipe fills about halfway, but I've also made it in a tiny, 1-litre pot!

It's vegetarian (and indeed, vegan), and forms its own delicious broth as it cooks, so there's no need for pre-made stock or broth. It does, however, require some significant chopping and stirring.

Ingredients (in Imperial and Metric volume units) )
Directions )

The original recipe suggests serving the soup with sour cream, which would undoubtedly be tasty, but it's equally tasty on its own. It also makes excellent leftovers - its flavor improves once it's been sitting for a while.

Home Fries

Feb. 2nd, 2013 05:18 pm
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So, I wanted to make a quick batch of fries for the sake of chili-cheese fries this evening, and wound up tossing a lot of potatoes in the pan with a slug of salt and sugar for luck and shallow-frying them by the seat of my pants. They turned out way better than I expected, so I thought I'd share!

Quick and dirty home fries )

Om nom nom.
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"At some point I must try Julia Child's chicken waterzooi," I said, and tonight we did, since we were dining with friends who weren't interested in fish. The creaminess of it reminded me of many years ago when Mi Cucina on Hudson & Jane was a good restaurant and served utterly sublime pollo y rajas con crema with wonderful crispy cubes of potato (if there's a name for those in Spanish, I don't know it), so crispy potatoes became our side dish. We drank Thomas Henry chardonnay, with which I promptly fell in love--glorious notes of caramel!--and sopped our bowls with French bread and it was very, very good.

Both recipes have been modified to be dairy-free. The potatoes are vegan; the waterzooi could be veganized pretty easily.

Crispy potatoes )

Chicken waterzooi )

Both recipes supposedly serve four, so we doubled them. They just barely served six. Fortunately the waterzooi is intensely rich and we had bread as well as potatoes, so no one went hungry.

Afterwards we went out for gelato. I am so full, my goodness.
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Using some convenience ingredients takes the work out of this classic side dish.


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Cream of Potato soup is a hearty winter meal with salad and fresh hot bread.  And the parsnips is a nice alternative to the more common mashed potatoes. They go very well with roast chicken.

Read more... )
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I have tested these on [personal profile] rising and [personal profile] tajasel, and they were a hit. Posting partly because [personal profile] rising needs the recipe. Because I have the seasoning mixes already on hand, and I keep bacon grease around as well, this is one of the things I improvised when simultaneously pretty broke and in need of comfort food.

Read more... )

Ingredients (amounts vary by intended number of servings; season to taste):
Baking potatoes
Grease or oil (bacon, by preference)
Montreal steak seasoning
Dill (slightly less optional)
Bacon salt (optional)
Taco seasoning (I used Trader Joe's) (optional)
Condiments (optional)

Preparation time: actually kind of slow, but most of it's waiting for the cooking, and the waiting can be done doing other things.
Serves: depends on how many potatoes you use. 1 potato per person; 2 potatoes per very hungry person.

Procedure: Read more... )

Notes and Modifications:
Read more... )
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Potato salad in any form is one of my favorite things. This version has a vinaigrette dressing.

Read more... )
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My butcher (the Art of Meat in Cambridge, UK) had these lovely looking ribs in his display and I haven't had ribs in ages so I couldn't resist.
The recipe is based on an old family favourite, so I'm at least the third generation cooking ribs this way. :o)

short description and photo )
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I have a decently-sized helping of mashed potato left over and inspiration is not striking.

No allergies or anything to consider, so - help, please?

ETA: I just did cheddar mash in the end, but thanks for all the suggestions - I'll definitely be trying some of them out!
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OK, first a little bit of background. Back in early September, I went out for tapas with [personal profile] domtheknight and [ profile] nudaydreamer. There were many delicious foods to be had, but the most delicious was the garlic potato salad. I couldn't stop thinking about it, so today I decided to make some. I went and looked up a recipe, altered it a bit and voila! Delicious fuds for all!

Recipe under here )

OMG you guys. For serious, this is SO TASTY. The garlic and the chili are perfectly tempered by the starchy sweetness of the potatoes. This is super easy too, so it is definitely a good thing to have in your recipe book!

Happy eating!

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Today I ate salmon with balsamic-and-ginger sauce, homemade fries, and coleslaw!

Salmon with Balsamic and Ginger Sauce )

I've found that the trick for really good homemade fries is to *fry* on medium heat them rather than bake them, ie. in a frying pan with cooking oil, but after browning both sides, turn the heat down and cover.

Now: more cooking! I'm going to a second thanksgiving tomorrow, so I have to make my mum's cabbage dish again. My mum's red cabbage is delicious. )
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This was my dinner this evening. Just pan fried the breast, braised the leeks and fried the potaoes in the duck pan. Quick and easy.

Recipe and photo )


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