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Wet cold autumn day outside, warm spicy sweet muffins inside.  Pour a cup of tea and you have the perfect snack for curling up with a blanket and a good book.

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So I was just on face book and someone had shared some recipe from Hormel for a Cheeseburger Dip. I thought mmm that sounds so good. So I go look..... And my thought is OMG artificial cheese and meat products?????? ICK. I can do better than that!  So I wrote this recipe. 



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This recipe comes from the original Australian Women's Weekly cookbook. It's supposed to be a pikelet recipe, but IMHO the batter is too thin and it works better if you make big thin pancakes out of it. [Note - my idea of a 'pancake' is a thin batter in a wide circle that can be rolled. But not as thin as a crepe. A pikelet is closer to an American pancake or flapjack. Yes, I know, this is linguistic ridiculousness at its best.]

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Apr. 9th, 2011 10:33 pm
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I love these. They are a great choice for having people over for brunch or anything like that. :) They're best the first or second day (I haven't yet tried freezing them; usually I just take the leftovers to work and they disappear pretty fast).

They are extra delicious if you give them orange chocolate fillings (just wrap each croissant around a segment from a Terry's Chocolate Orange.)

You need to start the dough the night before, and you'll need to be around for three or four hours so you can roll it out periodically.

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Trail Tofu

Apr. 4th, 2011 06:24 pm
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Turns out I've been making this every other week all summer, and I've modified it with much better results. So if you think you'd like something that's not as sweet, keeps better, and not as salty, please visit my version 2.0 Trail Tofu at my journal.

My "trails" are urban not wilderness, but where ever you're going, this easy recipe makes a good portable food for traveling, where finding high-protein gluten-free can be tiresome. This recipe does include white & brown sugars (starred) but it's not baking. I'm not familiar with dry vegan sweeteners, but if they exist, they'd work.

There are three steps, with a lot of time in between:
  • Squeeze water out of tofu to make room for marinade: prep 0:10 wait 4:00 hr
  • Slice & Marinate: prep 0:10 wait overnight
  • Dehydrate: prep 0:10 cook 3:00 hrs
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    I saw this recipe the other day, and while I'm not about to start baking, I did have red grapes and rosemary languishing in my refrigerator. So I bought some readymade focaccia.

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    I avidly follow the Smitten Kitchen food blog, and she recently posted a recipe I knew I had to try - kale chips.

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    ever since kat ::waves:: sent some choc chip cookies to my partner, i've been craving some that are a) GOOD and b) safe for me (most gluten-free baked good have tapioca, xanthum gum, and other things to which i'm allergic).

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    *waves* Hi, this is my first post here!

    I made this as a snack today somewhat impulsively and it came out quite good (to my surprise), so I thought I'd share.

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    Posted to my journal ([personal profile] fish_echo) and [community profile] omnomnom
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    My father taught me to make Brussels sprouts.

    More accurately, my father made them – frequently – and then would tell me, and my slightly-older sister, that we wouldn't like them, that they were grown-up food, that there just weren't enough for us to have any – you can guess other, similar phrases, and you'd probably be right.

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    I hope that you enjoy!
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    Loosely based on a recipe for Ginger Nuts from Delia (for USians, if you've not heard of her, she's Alton Brown in a twin set. Who runs a football team as a hobby. Also, they're a type of biscuit. Which is sort of like a cookie, but not. And yes, we get the 'nuts' joke).

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    Eat. If there are any left (weirdo), then store them in an airtight container. There are never any left in this house. [personal profile] miss_s_b eats them all.
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    An easy and delicious recipe for Easter (or whenever!). Allow 10 minutes for the yeast to rise, 20 minutes mixing, kneading and shaping, and an hour to rise. Cooks in 20 minutes.

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    This is the recipe for the macaroons I passed around IRC this afternoon:

    (shamelessly swiped from Alton Brown over on

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    Very simple to make. The hardest part, really, is toasting the coconut. Oh - and not eating all of them as they come out of the oven. *g*
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    A delicious snack or a full-blown entree. Totally up to you. :)

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