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I remember seeing a recipe (possibly Italian) where you'd take a round loaf and hollow out most of it, then pack it tightly with thinly sliced veggies (and maybe other things). Then I think you put the top back on, weighed the whole thing down and let it rest in the fridge. It was supposed to be good picnic food.

Has anyone seen a recipe similar to that, or know if it has a particular name? I mean, I'm sure I can make something like it without a recipe, but it would be nice to see it.

ETA: Here are one two three versions of what I was looking for - thank you so much!
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My two favorite tomato sauces are easy to make and taste so good you will never go back to buying them in a jar.


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I wanted a bit more out of my chicken alfredo so I played around with the recipe and came up with this...

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Three cheeses, chicken and spinach blend to make a very  different take on the classic lasagna, any time I take this to a potluck it is one of the first dishes to be finished.

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Yesterday, I went to the farmers' market and came back with beef osso buco.

I hadn't planned on this, but it was just there, and it called to me, and ...


I have never cooked osso buco before. I've done some Googling, but almost all the recipes I can find involve tomatoes, which I can't eat (long story). I know there's supposed to be an older, tomato-free form of the recipe, "in bianco", but can't find many details.

Any advice or suggestions on the basic principles I can improvise around would be gratefully received.
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So I just made eggplant parmesan for my roommates and remembered how tasty my recipe is (I have yet to have someone not love it) and how healthy it is for eggplant parmesan, so I thought I'd post it here. I think it's modified from something I read in a cookbook once, and I'm trying to guess my measurements, since I just throw things together, but here goes:
[also, I didn't list as such, but this would be easy to make vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free]

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This was modified from my memory of a recipe I read in the newspaper a few days ago and was surprisingly tasty.

I don't tend to measure much, so I'm guessing at my amounts and consider it completely modifiable to your taste. My measurements made what I think will be about 4 servings.

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This is a summer staple in my family. When the tomatoes are in season and we have basil growing on the windowsills, we eat it at least once a week.

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I am all full of chicken piccata and disinclined to finish my article, even though I am literally past the 95% mark. Instead, I post the recipe, originally from Cook's Illustrated (one of the few places I'm willing to pay for online content, because their recipes are just that good).

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This is a yummy and pretty easy recipe for making tomato sauce. It's much better than jarred sauces! I put it on pasta, but I suppose you could use it for anything else that needs tomato sauce as well. The recipe comes from my mom. :)

Also, if anyone has any tips for how to minimize splatter from sauce while it's cooking, it'd be appreciated! That's the most annoying part about making this. ;)

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This is apparently what happens when you don't have a job - you watch FoodNetwork for like 3 hours and end up baking/making things. =)

2 of these recipes are from from the 'Friend in Town' episode of Everyday Italian

Crostini with Ricotta and Goat Cheese )

Ricotta Pancakes )

Italian Stuffed Shells )

That's a surprising amount of cooking for me in one day. I don't typically do that much. But it was all amazing! *g*


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