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I may have impulse bought a 4 lb. bag of quinoa from Costco the other week. Today I felt comfortable enough to try using quinoa instead of couscous in a highly butchered version of the way my Libyan mother-in-law cooks it. (Hers involves lamb, and more vegetables that I didn't have on hand, and probably some other things I don't know. It's delicious.)

The most important part of this recipe is a spice mixture called b'zaar. There are probably different ways of making it (just as there are different ways of making any curry powder.) If you have the ingredients, I highly recommend making some and using it in things like lentils, couscous, etc. It's nommy. However, in a pinch you could probably substitute another pre-made curry powder.

B'zaar (Libyan Curry Mix)
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Libyan Style Quinoa
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Zucchini come in waves, especially given that we grow some and our CSA does too (not to self: more pumpkins and acorn squash next year, one zucchini hill, tops). It is nice that these loaves work fine with frozen shredded zucchini, too. Elizabeth makes these more than I do, but we both enjoy them, as does my friend's mum, Anjuu, who is providing the impetus to get the recipe shared. The recipe is adapted from the Bon Appetit Cook Book (Fairchild, 2006), which is a massive tome similar to the Joy of Cooking, but a little fancier in general. These loaves have a nice light inside and a toothy crust.

Preheat oven to 350°F. Butter and flour two loaf pans.

1 cup
whole wheat flour
1½ cups
unbleached white flour
1 teaspoon
1 teaspoon
ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon
baking soda
¼ teaspoon
baking powder
large eggs
1½ cups
brown sugar or white sugar (both variations are tasty)
1 cup
canola oil
1 teaspoon
vanilla extract
2 cups
coarsely grated zucchini (about one zucchini caught before it gets unwieldy)
1 cup
chopped and toasted walnuts

Whisk together flour, salt, cinnamon, baking soda, and baking powder.

Beat eggs in a separate bowl until foamy, then gradually add sugar and keep mixing until well mixed and thick.

Beat in oil gradually, then vanilla.

Stir in mixed dry ingredients, bit by bit.

Fold in zucchini.

Fold in walnuts.

Pour into pans. Bake about 90 minutes, until knife in centre comes out clean.

Let cool in pan; we just serve from the loaf pans.

These loaves stay moist for a day or two in the bread box, and can be frozen.

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For [personal profile] stultiloquentia, who has a birthday coming up.


Details behind the cut for cake & amazing cream cheese frosting )
Source: Bernice Rock - "CARROT CAKE", 'From Wine Country Kitchens', compiled and edited by the Women's Auxiliary of the Ira Davenport Memorial Hospital, Bath, NY, 1976.
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Lost Recipe :*(

I've been collecting the Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Cookie magazine since the early 1980's. Got my favorite cookie recipe from it.  Sadly, due to a computer crash, I lost the recipe and haven't been able to locate it again.  It was a shortbread type crust that was wrapped around a 1/2 tsp or so of honey macerated dried fruit and nuts.  Then the whole cookie was rolled in coconut and nuts and baked.  I think they were called Honey Nuggets.  If any one happens to have this recipe I would be eternally grateful for a copy.

UPDATE:  After countless hours of searching I've been unable to locate this recipe so I came up with my own version.

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9 by 13 inch pan filled with slices of peach and blueberries
Blueberry Peach Crisp in progress - fresh fruit layer complete

Easy, delicious Blueberry Peach Crisp recipe behind the cut )

What's especially lovely about this particular recipe is the particular combination of ingredients for the topping. It's relatively light on butter, yet the nuts (I usually use pecans) & sesame seeds keep it very satisfying. All in all, easy prep and a reliably delicious result. Excellent for dinner parties and using up excess fruit.
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This is a bit time-consuming, but most of it is just waiting for the dough to rise (more than once). If you have a heavy-duty mixer, like the classic KitchenAid, it helps a lot. Makes 1 loaf.

1/2 cup bread flour (see Note 1)
1/2 cup whole-wheat flour
3/4 teaspoons yeast (the rest of the packet will be used later)
1 tablespoon sugar or honey
1 tablespoon nonfat dry milk
1 cup + 2 tablespoons water at "room temperature" (between 70° and 90° F.)

Whisk this all together in your mixer bowl, or a large bowl, until it's smooth and well-combined.

1 cup bread flour (see Note 1)
1 cup whole-wheat flour
The rest of the yeast

Mix thoroughly, and sprinkle it evenly over the sponge in the bowl, covering the sponge completely. Cover with plastic wrap and allow to ferment for 1 to 4 hours at room temperature. (Or allow to rise for 1 hour at room temperature, then refrigerate overnight. Let it warm up a bit before proceeding.)


1/2 cup cracked wheat (coarse bulgur)

Place in a dry frying pan over medium heat; shake or stir continuously until lightly toasted. Remove from pan immediately so it doesn't burn. If you want it less crunchy in your bread, pour 1/2 cup boiling water over the cracked wheat and let it stand until the water is absorbed.

When the sponge is ready, add the cracked wheat, along with
1/4 cup peanut butter (see Note 2)
1/4 cup brown sugar, packed
1 teaspoon salt

Mix thoroughly, then cover and let stand for 20 minutes. Knead by hand or machine for approximately 10 minutes, until the dough is smooth and elastic - poke in any bits of cracked wheat that keep trying to escape. Cover and let rise until doubled, 1 to 1 1/2 hours. (Optional: Punch down, knead briefly, and let rise again.)

Preheat oven to 350° F. Grease a 9"x5" loaf pan. Punch the dough down and shape it into a loaf to fit in the pan. Let rise until almost doubled - top of dough should be just a bit higher than the top edge of the pan. Bake for 45 to 55 minutes - an instant-read thermometer plunged into the center will read 210° F. Turn out onto a rack immediately, turn the loaf right-side-up, and allow to cool.

A slice of this will take you clear to Rivendell! :-)

Note 1: Instead of bread flour, you can use unbleached all-purpose flour, and add 1 1/2 tablespoons "vital wheat gluten" powder to the "Dough" mixture.

Note 2: Creamy peanut butter works better, because the chunks will get lost among the bits of cracked wheat.
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Slight rambling wrt motivation for cooking with lavender. )

There are two dishes here, the lavender-and-corn and the summer squash. They go rather well together and combine to make a light supper, although if you'd rather have a full meal, I'd suggest adding a nice toasted starch-- ideas I contemplated were: naan, lightly toasted cornbread, a very not-rich biscuit, fresh tortillas, or maybe a simple quesadilla. (Um, yeah, and I also was thinking that a bit of my father's homemade beef jerky would have gone quite well too. Which is clearly not a starch. So, um, let your tummy guide you.)

Recipe 1: Corn with Lavender
A subtle play of flavours in a refreshing summery dish. The warm and soft corn is nicely complimented by the cool and crisp lemon cucumber. It requires a little bit of time and attention during the cooking but isn't inherently difficult.
Recipe 2: A Basic Summer Squash Sauté
Quick, easy, tasty.

Time and serving sizes for making both
1.5 hr-ish
2 people for supper

I took pictures with my phone, but it's new and I'm having a devil of a time getting it to talk to my computer. Once I get around to figuring that out, I'll update this with pictures. When I do that, I'll drop a quick note to the comm whenever that happens, because I know some people find pictures helpful.

Corn with Lavender )

A basic summer squash sauté )

I'm sorry that this is all very rough and informal! :( If I'm unclear or if you have any questions, drop a comment and I'd be happy to help!

And if you have any suggestions, observations, etc etc, please also drop them in comments!
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death cake picture
Click for recipe, and my notes!

Very very adaptable recipe with brilliant GF results. Completely diet destroying (unless one is aiming for butter, fudge, chocolate and nuts).
For those who can't have coffee, chocolate, nuts, etc - this is a surprisingly good recipe for you, as it's entirely adaptable to what you like and what you have lingering in your cupboard. I've made a bunch of suggestions for alternate ingredients, but feel free to go wild with ones I haven't listed. I'm sure your results will be ace.

Also, if you DO make it GF, ask people to taste it, then tell them it's GF. Nobody will believe you. I've done this half a dozen times, and the reaction is always the same.
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WTF Should I Make For Dinner?

No images, but not work-safe language. (Hint: I have abbreviated the title of the page.)

After informing it that "I don't f***ing eat meat" and refreshing a couple of times, it suggested parmesan cheese and walnut tart. I think that sounds delightful, don't you? If only I had parmesan cheese or walnuts in the house.

(So as not to be totally off-topic, here's a recipe I found for such an object. Looks quiche-y.)

(Or the mods can just delete this.)
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Last seen here, a recipe for chocolate/berry goat's cheesecake. This is the actual as-made recipe tonight, a bit tweaked from the last version. I cannot declare it a total success yet as it's still sitting in the oven but the skewer came out pretty clean and the top felt right, so I do think it came out right.

Follow the yellow brick cut, for recipe: )

Alternatively, you could use 2 oz. unsweetened baking chocolate, rather than the cocoa/oil, or even semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Next time, I will probably up the lemon juice to 1 tbsp. but overall, this is the best consistency I've gotten yet! This has been an ongoing experiment. :D

ETA: Oh, I forgot to mention a few things. This recipe is for a 6" springform pan. Also, you could substitute just about any berry or berry combination you like, and you can leave either the chocolate or preserves out -- they do add some volume, but not enough to matter too much.
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I haven't been getting enough protein lately, so most of what I'm making is to help with the deficiency. And I basically came up with this one while writing notes in my senior sem Wednesday. All measurements are, as ever, total guestimates. I'm very sorry.
Mock curry, thisaway! )

Plum Cake

Dec. 24th, 2009 02:05 pm
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I needed to use up about a dozen fresh plums in a jiffy, so I googled around for a few recipes and tweaked what looked to be the most promising. I didn't quite manage to squeeze in all the plums into this recipe, but it is delicious nevertheless. ;)

Fresh Plum Cake (recipe plus a picture)

This recipe uses nuts, but I would love to know a good substitute for the ground almonds.

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I really like this pie but my husband love it even more. I usually make it for Thanksgiving and the Winter Holiday season in general...or whenever asked and/or begged.

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Dec. 3rd, 2009 01:30 am
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Lots and lots of them!

In this post in my journal.

7 different types of cookies. One's a repeat - the macaroons. The others are new.

Yes, I've made 8 batches of cookies over the last 3 days. I'm crazy. =)

The peanut butter blossoms, will obviously be an issue for anyone with a peanut allergy, but the others don't have nuts in them.

I've used all white flour in some and half-white, half-wheat flour in some; some I used regular granulated sugar and some I've used baking Splenda. They all have come out fine. Using wheat flour makes them a little 'grittier' and 'crunchier', but still good.

The only one you *can't* make substitutions in is the macaroons, b/c they won't come out right at all.

Oh - and I'll post up my decorator frosting recipe once I make that this weekend. =)

If anyone has any specific questions about anything, just ask!

There's also a link to a recipe for a Hermit Cake (in my post) - it has walnuts and pecans in it, for those with nut allergies - it makes a big-ass cake that you wrap in Sherry/wine-soaked towels after it's baked. It's my dad's fave, and a friend of mine's too, and my mom ends up taking a chunk of it to work for her co-workers to fight over. =) (( the '4 hours' tag goes w/ the Hermit cake - it bakes at a low temp for a long time ))

apple salad

Oct. 7th, 2009 06:07 pm
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This is sometimes called harvest salad, so I think it fits nicely with the fall theme. Very simple, but I think it's worth sharing.

Apple Salad )
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This was modified from my memory of a recipe I read in the newspaper a few days ago and was surprisingly tasty.

I don't tend to measure much, so I'm guessing at my amounts and consider it completely modifiable to your taste. My measurements made what I think will be about 4 servings.

Easy and tasty but a bit heavy on the dishes )
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We've just started our second year with a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program and it's time for swiss chard!

It's very pretty and this recipe, adapted from Gourmet Magazine and provided by our farm, maintains its brightness while adding much-needed texture and sweetness to its strong, somewhat bitter nature. It also only takes about 15 minutes, including prep, to give this old-fashioned green a modern twist.

Swiss Chard with Raisins and Pine Nuts )
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I made this last night for the second time, and it's quickly becoming one of our favorite dishes. It's a savory stew with spiced meatballs, pine nuts, and a thick tomato sauce.

meatball goodness )
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My mom slapped about 8 bananas on the counter and said we needed to do something with them, so I logged on to (where I get a LOT of recipes) and did a search for 'ripe bananas'. There were several promising recipes, but I really liked this one b/c it seemed fairly simple and we had all of the stuff for them:

Banana Crunch Muffins - omnomnom )

When I made these, I omitted the walnuts (b/c I don't like them), and had to make a slight substitution on the granola b/c we only had 1/4 cup, so I filled the rest of the cup with quick oats and sliced almonds. I put both almonds and coconut on top before baking. These are soooo good!


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