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This is a simplified and budget-ised version of Melissa Clark's Rosh Hashana recipe at the New York Times. (Which, by a co-incidence of menu planning, I have cooked on the first night of same. Happy New Year, anyone observing!) Southern hemisphere folks might want to save it up for late summer / early autumn, when plums are a thing.

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So let's all have some fantastic fall recipes (those of you lucky folk getting warm weather in the Southern Hemisphere, please share the recipes you've been using to stay warm all winter!)

I'll go first!

Venison Root Veg Stew
Feeds four, but since I'm cooking for two, that's why.

1 medium sized turnip/swede
1 medium sized potato
2 carrots
Half a decent sized onion
Plenty of garlic
Quarter pound of venison (mine was slightly freezer burnt, I'll admit)

Toss a slug of oil in the pot you're using and let it heat a bit, then throw in the onions and other cut up veg. Squish the garlic beneath your knife and take off the paper, then toss that in there as well. Let it sweat a bit, then add the cut up venison and enough water to just cover the contents. Cover and let simmer for a while. Go code, knit, put your garden to sleep, fold the laundry, chase the cat, watch all of the SciFi channels Dune miniseries. It's done when the meat is cooked and the potato and turnip are soft.

Add salt and pepper to taste. Dish up and eat, savoring the hot food on a cold night. Remind the roommate/mate that since you cooked, they get to clean.

It keeps pretty well, but you will want to add a little bit of water before reheating.
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I posted this at my gardening journal, [personal profile] pinepigs_garden and thought I would post it here. It's a scrumptuous recipe and since it's persimmon season here it's perfect! You can probably also use tinned pumpkin if you want too, that would be tasty. If you were really experimental in the kitchen it would probably be nice with a nectarine or peach puree or possibly applesauce.

It's great for eating yourself, but would also be a good Christmas cookie to make for gifts, for fundraising bake sales or just having family/friends over for coffee.

My changes are either in itallics or strikethrough.

original recipe at this link

Moist Persimmon Cookie
"This is a soft moist spicy cookie. The persimmon fruit lends its sweetness and color to this simple cookie. Any type if nuts may be used for this and you may prefer to leave out the raisins."

Recipe details under the cut.

Prep Time:
10 Min
Cook Time:
12 Min
Ready In:
30 Min
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I made this for our feast-day sweet potato dish, and I daresay it was one of the tastiest parts of the spread. Actually, [personal profile] luminosity gets most of the credit for this for suggesting it to me.

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So I've been meaning to post this for ... about a month, I think. At least. Um. Oops?

This is the recipe for my dad's sweet potato souffle, which is not ... really ... the same as his mother's version. Both (and a half) are included here. This is vegetarian if your working definition does not exclude eggs or butter.

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So, I went on a bit of a cooking binge this weekend. The result: acorn squash soup and Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes.

The soup is really easy -- a bit time consuming, but most of it is "wait for the vegetables to roast" or "simmer the vegetables," so if you've got a good book or something with which to multitask, it's good for that. Also it tastes like autumn in a bowl. My recipe ended up making about 8 main-course servings, but you could scale it up or down as desired. I'm pretty sure other winter squash or root vegetables would fit in wonderfully with these, if you've got them on hand.

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The cupcakes are also easy, plus less time consuming. They're basically chocolate cupcakes with cayenne pepper and cinnamon added. I adapted the recipe (which makes 12) from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. If you like cupcakes at all, I cannot recommend that cookbook enough. If you're not vegan (and I'm not), don't be turned off by its dairy- and egg-free nature: they're better recipes than most of the traditional ones I've tried.

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I really only have one recipe that's unusual, but it's always a big hit.

This came about when all my relatives were still alive, and having holiday dinners at my house. One wanted chopped apples in the stuffing, another wanted chestnuts and sausage meat, another wanted cornbread stuffing... and I never liked bread stuffing very much in the first place. So I invented something different.
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I am more than a little obsessed with soup, and I love it when fall rolls around because it's cool enough to eat tons and tons of warm soup. This is one of my favorites -- I'm not sure exactly where it originally came (possibly the Washington Post?) from but my mom makes it all the time and it's awesome.

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